Derris Boomer Speaks at Penn State Startup Week

2021 Presentation at Penn State

Derris Boomer, founder and CEO of Boomer Technology Group, who was on campus to speak during Startup Week. He talked with attendees about his personal experience as an entrepreneur and as a career employee of Fortune 500 companies. He also stressed the importance of negotiating in a job offer or in interactions with potential investors or partners.

“Don’t be afraid to ask,” he said. “The worst they will do is say no.”

Boomer, whose corporate career resume includes IBM, Tiffany & Co., Polo Ralph Lauren, and Accenture, empowered students to pave their own paths after graduation to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to take advantage of opportunities afforded to them. “No one is stuck,” he said. “You can re-engineer your life.”

He presented a talk on the topic of “Technology Innovation & Trends for Fortune 500 Companies“.


2019 Presentation at Penn State