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We have partnered with some of the world’s biggest businesses to provide solutions to their challenges using an established business-focused approach. We then work with our clients to develop and deliver effective solutions, finding the right balance between maximizing what they have and providing what they need, starting with understanding of the business needs.


The time and effort needed to evaluate an ERP solution and the effect it can have on your company is important. Organizations therefore need to make fully informed decisions about the scalability and appropriateness of an ERP solution to suit their business needs.


BTG guides its customers in identifying the most appropriate SAP solutions for their industry and sector, and then helps them to evaluate and pick the one that best suits their business requirements.

SAP Consulting Services

The service includes:

  • Solution Envisioning

  • Business Case and Cost / Benefit Analysis

  • Industry Best Practices Adoption

  • Business Process Analysis – Arrive at goals, objectives and KPIs to measure progress

  • Information System Planning for SAP Implementation

  • Gap Analysis and Fitment Analysis

  • Migration Study Integration Study

  • Project Scoping and Sizing

Our SAP Implementation Process includes the following activities:

  • Project Preparation

  • Business Blueprint

  • Realization

  • Final Preparation

  • Go Live and Support

  • Continuous Improvement

The Product Analysis, Assessment and Selection Service supports our clients by enabling them to make smarter, quicker, and more cost-efficient business decisions.

Product Analysis, Assessment and Selection Service

We have extensive experience in successfully deploying, managing and delivering world class solutions utilizing our global delivery capabilities which enables us to deliver a first class service whilst mitigating cost.


We have a well-defined governance structure in place to engage with clients, which includes escalation management, risk management, scope and integration management, reviews, program management through best practices & quality control and a well-defined change management plan.


We have a proven track record of end-to-end implementations across diverse industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Government industries. Our collaborative approach helps the clients to determine the best ERP solution (pre-implementation consulting), develop a business plan aligned with their business goals, and introduce a solution that extracts full value from their SAP systems.


Traditional ERP systems are not versatile enough to adapt quickly to change or process data explosions to provide insight into customer desires, market opportunities or operational efficiencies. Companies need to update their digital infrastructure, so that technology can stimulate business growth, rather than impede reaction.


SAP S/4 HANA is designed to address these requirements, however, a lack of the right experience, expertise, and supporting assets is often a major challenge.


ERP Roots Migration Services for SAP S/4 HANA enables you to migrate legacy business suites—ERP, supplier relationship management (SRM) and supply chain management (SCM)—to the latest SAP S/4 HANA platform.


Our services resolve brownfield and Greenfield migrations and provide an intuitive, flexible, and user-friendly interface for applications. We help companies leverage SAP S/4 HANA in terms of data models, user interface and business processes to simplify their enterprise ERP environment.


We will ensure the success of your SAP S/4 HANA implementation with our standardized migration approach tailored to the needs of your enterprise.


For some customers a SAP upgrade is simply a stepping stone from a current SAP investment to gain more market value. For some, the SAP upgrade is seen as a building block for the extension of a whole new system into other usable areas. Whatever direction you take, our job is to get your upgrade completed as easily and painlessly as possible.


Since the effect of an upgrade on your current infrastructure is often difficult to determine, we will work with you to provide reliable estimates of the costs and effort involved; including project length, downtime, and effects on other systems. We’ll also help you visualize the road map, design and technical effect of the upgrade – and give you a clear understanding of what transitional services and operational support services are required.


We provide our customers with a well-structured and documented approach for SAP version upgrade. Using a well-defined upgrade methodology, having the experience of multiple SAP upgrades, we make a smooth, optimal and efficient transition.


Expansion in a new emerging market is becoming the buzz word in the business world. This presents the challenge for organizations to harmonize internal business processes through geographies while leveraging the advantages of local practices. Our SAP Rollouts have a global prototype solution that meets those specific needs.


We are experienced in successful rollouts of multiple implementation models, both phased and big bang roll-out. Our rollout approach is based on a combination of common SAP tools such as Solution Manager, as well as in-house tools and templates built to speed up the rollout process. In order to speed up the deployment, we deploy a rich library of reusable components during various phases of the project.


Mobility is the secret to ubiquitous computing in the Modern world. The quality of mobile apps and their acceptance depends on accessibility, usability and successful customer interaction. Performance and Speed are also critical. We recognize this and have a proven mobility practice that lives these core principles.


Our mobility practice team works closely with businesses and ISVs to offer agnostic technology and end-to-end mobile solutions of high value. Our mobile technology service provides a stable, intuitive and comprehensive mobile experience allowing our customers to take advantage of opportunities in mobile convergence.


Our services in mobile technology include application creation, UI / UX design, cross-platform design, server side development, testing, application migration and consulting. Our strength lies in offering you an integrated mobile experience. Connect employees to your business data on any device – with the SAP mobile enterprise platform.

Mobility Services

Onsite Support

Specialized SAP support team operates from Client’s premises and helps them run smooth business operations by providing quick and prompt solutions.

Flexible Support

We provide customized support services as per our client’s requirements. Every business is different to some extent. With our dedicated SAP support desk consultants, we provide flexible SAP support packages to suit your unique business requirements.

ERP Roots offers various customized SAP support models.

Application Maintenance and Support

Remote Support

Our dedicated central support team works remotely to help them run smooth business operations by providing quick and prompt solutions.

We help solve your toughest workforce issues. UKG, Kronos, SAP or integration challenges — we're ready to take it on.

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