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Automate Setup Services

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What can Automate do for you?

Automate provides companies with the means of staying competitive by automating simple and complex tasks across applications. Users realize a quick ROI by process efficiencies, costs savings, increase business and IT process reliability and speed while reducing the possibility of human error. It can be used to automate any kind of task, from the most complex to the very simple. Automate Windows applications, Web tasks or legacy applications. Automate can scale from a single-client license to Enterprise solutions licenses. (

  • Automate Desktop
  • Automate Plus
  • Automate Ultimate

Who can use Automate? Business users, Users with no programming or IT experience

Users can use pre-defined automation templates to create an intelligent, automated task in minutes. Drag & Drop Task Development.

Database, Network Administrators, Application Developers & others Advanced users will enjoy the power of many action wizards, ability to create a script from scratch etc., as well as use it as their automation platform. Users can easily incorporate VBScript, Cscript & JScript or integrate disparate scripts within Automate.

What are the benefits of Automate?

  • Reduces Application Development Time
  • Lowers Costs and Hassles
  • Eliminates Time-Consuming, Labor Intensive, Repetitive I.T. Tasks
  • Enables Employees to focus on Strategic Activities and other productive responsibilities
  • Complete ROI within three months of implementation
  • Low maintenance and quick learning curve for support staff
  • Seamless integration with various systems
  • High Scalability

Real-life examples below: