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BTG is now a Re-seller of Automate 11

As of June 2020 is now a Gold re-seller of Automate 11 software from Help Systems.(

We have Certified consultants that specialize in automating your most common technology tasks. As well as analyzing how to automate your global enterprise level support tasks.

If you were familiar with HelpSystems automation solutions before, you may have noticed the name change—Automate BPA Server is now known as Automate Plus. But that’s not the only update you have to look forward to when you download v11.

 If you haven’t taken a look at Automate in a while, look again. The Automate team is constantly working hard to add exciting new features to our products. See for yourself how the latest version of Automate can help you boost productivity and improve accuracy in your workflows. Download Automate to see what’s new, including:

  • Software Improvements and Enhancements
  • New Triggers and Actions
  • Increased ROI of Robotic Process Automation 

Take a closer look at the improvements Automate has to offer when you upgrade to or try the latest version. Simply fill out the form to get started with an Automate download.

Automate Plus Enhancements

Automate products are all about scalability. Start with your current requirements—whether that is robotic process automation of a few tasks or comprehensive enterprise automation—and expand your automation strategy as your organization grows and evolves.

Automate Plus v11 offers increased flexibility to scale the product for your unique needs. You will now be able to purchase individual features you need as add-ons to your platform, like those below.

Enhanced Security and Audit Platform

As automation requirements grow, the need for security increases. Automate Plus’s Security and Audit platform includes enterprise-class features like:

  • Active Directory integration. User roles and system level access can be controlled by departments using Active Directory authentication. Query Active Directory and log user information, or generate Active Directory audit reports.
  • User and group permissions. Assign specific permissions to every individual, team, and department in your organization and give them permission to only the necessary workflows and agents.
  • Change history. Every step in workflow creation and subsequent change is recorded in audit logs. This allows errors to be traced back to the origin point.
  • Notifications. In the event a workflow fails, all information is logged and can be sent to administrators or groups via email.
  • Custom logs. Aggregate, monitor, and manage business specific workflow such as FTP transfer statistics, file processing and throughput metrics, and more.

Operations Console

The Automate Plus Ops Console gives you the ability to monitor and manage everything that’s happening across your organization from wherever you are. By providing a simple way to see detailed operational analytics and control your processes from any device, the Server Ops Console helps you make better and faster strategic decisions.

  • SLA Management. Being able to access reports and manage your processes from anywhere ensures that critical SLAs will be met.
  • Single Pane of Glass. Central view of upcoming, active, and completed items, with the ability to drill down into the specifics of any workflow. This flexibility lets potential problems be diagnosed anywhere, from any device.
  • Mobilized and Responsive. View processes and run, stop, pause, resume, enable, or disable any action from a mobile device. Web-based, responsive interface allows users to take action immediately, from anywhere.
  • Customizable UI. User-defined dashboards give you deeper insights into operations across your organization.

Try Automate Plus free for 30 days

9 Hot Kronos Consulting Roles for 2020 and Beyond! has 3 major events in 2020, which there is a high need for consultants and job opportunities.

#1 – Kronos Dimensions is there newest software product in the cloud.

#2 – Kronos WFC-Workforce Central is their best selling product in last 20 years.

#3 – Kronos is ended use of Java and will end Flash in WFC product.

These facts have created a huge shortage of available talent to fulfill upgrades and production changes for clients. This is across all their verticals\industries.

Below are the hot jobs to be filled:

  1. Kronos Application Consultant
  2. Kronos Solution Consultant
  3. Kronos Solution Consultant-HCM
  4. Kronos QA Analyst
  5. Sr. Kronos DBA
  6. Kronos Administrator
  7. Business Analyst
  8. Dell Boomi Developer
  9. Kronos Trainer & Content Creator

Detailed job descriptions and requirements attached below. Send your resumes to

Workforce Dimensions

Workforce Dimensions: A Modern Cloud Platform Intelligently powering the next generation of workforce management!

The automation of critical workforce processes such as timekeeping, scheduling, and leave management is still at the core of the
most effective workforce management solutions. But to be future-ready, the next generation of workforce management solutions
needs to leverage the latest smart technologies.

The Workforce Dimensions™ suite from Kronos© reimagines what’s possible in modern workforce management and human capital
management technology. This exciting solution provides a breakthrough employee experience and unprecedented levels of operational
insight to help you work smarter — anytime, anywhere — in the modern cloud. Every dimension of the platform — including
the underlying architecture, user experience, functionality, integration, data access, delivery, and support — is designed to help
you optimize your valuable people resources.
As the foundation of our future-ready solution, the Kronos D5™ platform delivers many industry firsts, including:

• A robust API and integration framework that provides extensibility and simplifies integration with other systems with timesaving
prebuilt connectors for people, payroll, accruals, and more
• Artificial intelligence that drives smart, predictive solutions, including powerful k-means clustering algorithms to identify
compliance risks in real time and market-leading machine learning applications that dramatically improve forecast accuracy
• Blazing fast in-memory cloud computing that offers immediate insight into critical cost, compliance, and productivity metrics
by delivering real-time computations at massive scale
• An evolved domain model based on decades of workforce management experience that provides flexibility and consistency
across the suite to help you solve even the most complex business problems from anywhere in the application
• A unified information architecture that gives you complete data access for on-demand reporting and analysis — with no
need for special technical expertise.

Jewels of Knowledge

I had a chance to hear Nipsey Hussle speak at a BITCON tech event last year in Minneapolis. He was on a panel with other Silicon Valley tycoons. He graciously told his entrepreneur story and how he was changing his community. During the discussion a patron stated he felt he could identify with Nipsey more because they were both from the streets. As opposed to hearing jewels of knowledge from a few Stanford Grads on the panel. Nipsey replied that you should not devalue anyone giving you vital information to grow your business and community. We are all the same despite our looks or backgrounds. Let that be a lesson about society that our past makes us who we are. We control our future and the narrative of our character. I plan to patronize his retail store the next time I am in Los Angeles, CA. Please do the same!

ERP Systems Optimization Review and Improvement Report

Our company can provide your company a detailed ERP Systems Optimization Review and Improvement Report.

It provides the following:

  • Review of your system architecture & design (current & future state)
  • Review of your hardware and network infrastructure (current)
  • Review of your ERP Configuration (current)
  • Written report of recommendations
    • Gap Analysis of Functions (Enabled vs Not-Enabled)
    • Review of business processes (current vs enhanced)
    • Provide Functional & Technical Specifications 
    • Provide Change Management Plan
    • Provide Optimizations Metrics
  • After you receive your report you can decide if you want to implement our suggestions
  • Lastly we can provide resources to lead and configure changes in your software and hardware
  • Applicable systems for review (Kronos, Workday, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Ceridian, Lawson, J.D. Edwards)

NOTE: This engagement can typically run 16-60 hours depending on the size of your company and system setup.

BTG-ERP Systems Optimization Review and Improvement Report