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Case Study-Archived UKG Workforce Central 7.0+

The Customer

Major Hospital in Ohio, decommissioned their production Kronos system version 7.0.18 in 2020. However, they are required to keep the Human Resources and Payroll historical data for 7-10 years. They placed the environment on to a virtual machine with no access to the internet. Their HR and Payroll teams run reports from that system as needed. The system has 10K employee’s setup as well as their historical data for 9 years.

The Challenge

A recent reboot of the environment caused the system to stop allowing staff to access the HR\Payroll module functions. As well as stop them from running historical reports. The client uses that system on average 20 hours per month.

The Outcome

BTG consultants performed troubleshooting analysis and provide a resolution. We also provided the client with reference material on how Kronos 7.0.18 works and is setup.

  • Client’s HR and Payroll teams are able to access the Kronos 7.0.18 environment

  • HR and Payroll teams are able to provide historical data for various uses (Court cases, Employee inquiries, financial team audits and payroll adjustments.

  • Client’s I.T. Department was onboarded and provided guides and administrator manuals for future usage


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