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Case Study-Old Workforce Management System

The Customer

Century21 Department Stores, an American chain of department stores, headquartered in New York City, which has 13 locations in the northeastern United States.

The Challenge

Century 21 Department Stores was running a 10-year-old Workforce Management System. That encountered outdated configurations and rules setup. Their Accruals and Pay errors were causing over 200 hours of additional work for their payroll department, each pay period. Their employee complaint call volume had risen 40%. Lastly their system documentation was invalid and administrators were experiencing difficulties supporting their business.

The Outcome

Our team immediately performed a systems assessment on the client’s Production environment. After reviewing our report, the client’s Steering Committee approved measures for our team to implement five core initiatives.

  1. Implement a detailed support plan that included 2nd and 3rd level Help Desk support

  2. Implement new development process for configuration changes

  3. Implement a streamlined change management process

  4. Implement monthly and quarterly quality assurance measures

  5. Implement knowledge transfer to local administrators w/revised documentation

Our 5 core initiatives provided the following:

  • The new support model streamlined and reduced the average help ticket resolution time from 3 weeks to 4 days.

  • We published an Administrator FAQ document to the help desk and internal administrator teams. This document included the most common issues and resolutions based on two years of history. This resulted in a reduction in the quantity of 1st level help call escalations to 2nd level by 85%.

  • The change management process was implemented with monthly maintenance windows. This along with a strict development lifecycle governance, allowed for faster turnarounds. Configuration changes that would take 8 weeks were now completed in 4 weeks.

  • Data quality audits and clean ups were credited with reducing help desk call volumes the following year. When compared to previous 2 years.

  • Our team rolled out configuration fixes for 8 projects in 18 months. These changes reduced system errors and allowed to payroll teams to reduce man hours by 35%.

  • Our team delivered over 15 documents for the client that included Job Aids, User Guides and Training materials.


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