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Case Study-PMO Framework

The Customer

( Bread partners with retailers to offer pay-over-time solutions that make financing easier and more transparent.

The Challenge

Client was experiencing high turn over in staff, during a time of three major project implementations. They were rolling out new software products along with software enhancements. Their internal and external developers were forced to shorten their development schedules. The management team was having difficulties tracking the status of deliverables. Lastly the client was working with global teams in 4 countries.

The Outcome

BTG initiated “Best Practices” for PMO, Change Management and project tracking. Our team performed a systems and processes review. This entailed mapping out data repositories and project tracking tools. We implemented the use of online tool SmartSheets. We also began consolidating data from 4 sources. Jira, SmartSheets, Microsoft Project and SharePoint. We also trained developers on estimating and reporting status updates.

  • Client was able to realign deliverables with vetted resource input

  • Client resources were able to provide vital details to workloads and allow project managers to mitigate obstacles and lag times.

  • The customer teams were provided high-level milestones on a weekly basis. Along with release notes and QA statistics

  • Reduced # of meetings and confusion points, by providing “1 view” of project tasks statuses

  • Developers were able to provide valuable information on Jira items that aligned to software deliverables by customer

  • RAID log entries were more precise and informative

  • Reduced the number of rework tickets

  • Reduced the number of client team call complaints

  • Increased the throughput of developers


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