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The cannabis industry is rapidly growing, and with it, the need for specialized technology services. At BTG, we offer a comprehensive range of cannabis technology services to help businesses of all sizes stay compliant, secure, and efficient.

Cannabis Technology Services

Our seasoned project managers and consultants guide your team through the following services:

  • Point-of-Sale System

  • Anti-Virus\Cyber Security Protection

  • Voice\Data\Network Infrastructure

  • ERP System (software that manages a company's financials, supply chain, CRM, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and human resource activities.)

Software Services Provided:

We help solve your toughest workforce issues. UKG, Kronos, SAP or integration challenges — we're ready to take it on.

Ready to Start?

  • Virtualizations\Cloud Solutions

  • PC's, Tablets, Smartphones, POS

  • Cameras

  • Security Alarms

  • Network LAN\WAN\Wi-Fi appliances

  • Backup Generators\UPS

Hardware Services Provided:

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